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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Removing popcorn textures is challenging, to say the least. If it’s time to book popcorn ceiling removal in Ajax, Ontario, choose our company to be certain of the way the job is done. It’s not just hard to break the texture and remove it efficiently. There’s also a need to be protected should the texture contain harmful elements. And then, it’s about containing the dust created while removing the popcorn ceiling and refinishing the substrate to perfection.

Wouldn’t it be better to entrust this job to experienced pros who know how to do things correctly and safely? To painters who have the expertise to take a rather imperfect substrate and transform it into a beautiful flat ceiling? Take no chances whatsoever. Just turn to Ajax Painters. Isn’t that easier?

How to get started with popcorn ceiling removal in Ajax

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Ajax

So, there’s a popcorn ceiling in your home. Or, more than one. And you’d like to assign the popcorn ceiling removal to Ajax pros with experience. We hear you and are ready to serve.

First things first. Get in touch with our company to say that you want to remove a popcorn ceiling. Since not all textures are the same and not all cases are alike, we suggest that you book an appointment. Have no worries. This is a free-of-charge and obligation appointment. The objective is to understand what’s needed and answer your questions. An experienced pro comes to your home to inspect the textured ceiling – its condition, size, whether it’s painted or not, etc. They also provide ceiling color consultation, explain the process, and offer an estimate for the service. Should we set an appointment?

Removing popcorn ceilings & expertly finishing the substrate

The pros show up on time and fully prepared to remove popcorn ceilings. To keep dust created when the texture is broken and removed flying to all parts of the house, the pros first constrain the working area. They prep the room. For their protection, should there be a safety concern, they are dressed as required. They use special tools to remove the popcorn texture piece by piece, and do so until the substrate is texture-free. Once this is done and the pieces & dust are collected, the substrate is prepped. More often than not, there are flaws. The pros fix everything. They perfectly prep the surface and then finish it as previously agreed.

All steps are taken with the utmost professionalism by pros with expertise in such projects. And the substrate is transformed into a flawless and beautiful ceiling painted the color of your choice.

As you can see, there’s no reason for you to take risks. If you fear that the texture is harmful or just hate the looks of the popcorn ceiling or noticed damage and have decided to change the ceiling’s appearance, contact us. We are the best choice for safe popcorn ceiling removal Ajax customers can trust and be sure of the fantastic looks of the new ceiling.