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Garage Painting Ajax

Time to schedule garage painting in Ajax, Ontario? Feel fully confident to entrust this vital project to our team. Be sure of our expertise and experience with such jobs. Be certain of the attention paid to such services, aware of the diversity of materials in each garage, and how important the quality of paints is to a healthy environment.

Contact Ajax Painters. If you want your home garage painted in Ajax, our company is a choice you can depend on and trust for quality work, coatings, and service overall.

Comprehensive Ajax garage painting services

If it’s time for garage painting, Ajax homeowners should put their trust in our company. We like to assure you that all interior surfaces of the garage can be painted, the garage door included.

  •          Interior garage walls painting. Despite the material, the interior walls of the garage are prepped and painted with the correct coatings for high resistance and ultimate aesthetic results. Dents, flaws, and all imperfections are addressed, the surfaces are level, and the walls are primed and painted.
  •          Garage floor painting. Most garages have concrete or epoxy floors. Whether you want to change the floor’s color or have the floor painted with anti-slippery and more resistant coatings, we are at your service.
  •          Garage ceiling painting. Among all other surfaces within the garage, ceilings are also well-prepped and painted to look good and make the space seem tall and impressive. Possible imperfections and holes are all tackled and the ceiling is finished to your liking.
  •          Garage door painting. Both sides of the garage door are painted. For the outer side, the pros use paints suitable for exterior applications. Naturally, the garage door is prepped, as required. It’s prepped with respect to the material. The paints are selected based on the material too. Painting steel, aluminum, and wood garage doors is not the same. The good news is that we have the experience required for long-lasting painting results, regardless of the garage door’s material.

Garage interior surfaces are properly prepped and painted

Let us also point out that all other surfaces that may be found in the garage can be painted. The door leading to the home, for example. Possible columns and trims too. You can trust us for full interior garage painting.

When it comes to the garage door, we understand that it may be painted already. But if you want garage door repaint, the existing paint is likely bubbling or cracking. Once again, you shouldn’t worry. The pros remove the old paint and scrape and sand as required, leaving the door’s surface smooth and free of debris and old paint residue.

That’s common practice before the pros paint garage interior surfaces. They take care of imperfections and flaws, ensuring all surfaces are smooth, even, and free of debris, dents, and holes. This is key to the longevity of the home garage painting job.

With meticulous prepping, suitable finishing products, and expert pros, garage interiors and doors gain back their strength and become more resistant apart from beautiful. If you want to discuss an Ajax garage painting project and get a free consultation & estimate, go ahead and contact us.