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Exterior House Painting

Are you getting offers for an exterior house painting in Ajax, Ontario? If it comes to finding exterior house painters, Ajax homeowners may choose our team. Experienced with such projects, our company is a choice you can trust and depend on. It doesn’t matter if this is a small or large house and how weathered its exterior is. Ajax Painters has seen many different cases and has the means, expertise, and ways to transform all house exteriors in the best manner.

Ajax exterior house painting – how to get started

Exterior House Painting Ajax

Contact our team to make an inquiry about exterior house painting. Ajax painting contractors are ready to serve. Our very first priority is to discover the requirements of the house’s exterior. At the same time, we believe it’s fair to provide all things the customer needs to know about the process, help them with the color and finishing choices, and offer an estimate for the exterior painting service. So, go ahead and schedule an appointment today for a free estimate and consultation.

Exterior house painting services – what’s included

Not all houses are the same. And truth be told, not all people want the same things. You may currently seek an exterior painter to refinish the deck or the fence. Then again, you may want all sections of the exterior painted. Whatever your case, you can count on our team. We can send a big team to paint the exterior, all parts – from siding and doors to walls and decks. And we can send a home painter to finish the doors or the outdoor decking.

Whether this is a big or small job, the painting service starts with the thorough preparation of all surfaces. Since all parts of the exterior see a lot of beating and weathering over the years, they need good cleaning and often scraping. Some parts even need power washing. Rest assured. The pros start by fixing flaws and all sorts of imperfections and then proceed with cleaning, sanding, priming, and finishing – as previously agreed. Speaking of finishing walls, decks, fences, and all exterior sections, let us just add that there are various solutions. Something we talk about and agree upon from the start. You may, for example, want the deck repainted, the fence stained, matte finishing solutions for the windows, and a glossy paint coating for the front door.

Exterior house painters – trust the experts

Exterior painting jobs are challenging because some parts are hard to reach and because most parts are truly weathered. At the same time, it’s necessary to properly prep each surface – depending on the material and its current condition – and use finishing products suitable for the material and for the outside. Isn’t it best to leave it all to an experienced exterior house painter?

In our company, we have a long experience with exterior house painting services. On top of that, all painters are knowledgeable in regard to all materials – from stucco and concrete to metal and wood and any other material in between. This simply means that they know how to prep and finish brick walls, wooden fences, composite decks, stucco walls, and all other surfaces. Turn to our team to be amazed by the end results and the overall quality of the service. Get an offer from our team. Just contact us and say that you are interested in a free estimate for an Ajax exterior house painting service.